Chapter 687 This Brat Is Indeed Luke Crawford’s Child

The Mallory residence. Percy sat by the dining table. He was young and handsome, and his beauty was breathtaking. He watched Bianca as she quietly fed Tommy. Bianca was dressed in a black suit, and her hair was tied in a ponytail. Her face was clean and pure. Percy thought that the woman had become more feminine, perhaps because she had an extra motherly charm on her. He could not resist staring at her. Percy was the one to break the silence. "Ms. Rayne, there are two reasons for inviting you to my house. The first is to send you off, and the second is to give you several pointers about Russia. I'm sorry about what happened to Luke. I didn't expect that to happen. "I found out that Luke's accident was related to the Russian mafia, but the exact reason remains unknown. This will be a risky trip. I'll assign some more bodyguards to protect you." While Bianca fed Tommy a bottle of milk, she said softly, "Thank you, Mr. Mallory. You don't have to apologize to me about Luke.

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