Chapter 681 Putting Up An Act? Heh.

Leia's words were as shocking as a sudden clap of thunder next to Bianca's ears! She rushed up to Leia, grabbed her collar, and asked her sternly, "What did you say? Tell me, how did Luke die? Tell me now!" Leia sobered up a little and realized what she had just said. Trying to compose herself, she smiled mockingly at Bianca. "Why do I have to tell you? I'm not telling you. What are you going to do, kill me?" Leia had been jealous and resentful toward the Norman family's long-lost birth daughter. If not for Bianca, Leia would still be the only pampered daughter of the Norman family! With her status, marrying Luke Crawford was all but a certainty! That woman had taken away her parent's love for her and the man that she loved. She did not expect that Luke died in a foreign country, and his remains could not be found. He deserved that! Leia glared contemptuously at Bianca. She reached out and tried to claw at Bianca's delicate face with her sharp nails. "Let go of me, you

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