Chapter 662 Poked Their Baby Brother's Delicate Cheeks

Bianca was lying on the hospital bed, the pain causing her consciousness to be a little fuzzy. Even though she was in pain, her mood was pleasant because she could hear the baby's loud cry. She saw the baby in the doctor’s arms. It was her and Luke's child, the evidence of their love. He was their flesh and blood. … Bianca gave birth to a boy, so everyone was very happy, especially Old Master Crawford and Allison. Of course, the reasons why the two people were happy were different. Old Master Crawford was just happy that Bianca gave birth to Luke’s son for the Crawford family. Allison was happy that Bianca gave birth to a boy as it would give her an additional edge when the Crawford family distributed their properties. The old man looked at the beautiful baby who was sleeping quietly in the swaddle after being cleaned by the nurse. He looked at the baby’s fair and tender face that looked like his grandson’s and could not stop smiling.

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