Chapter 647 Bianca Seemed Troubled

Intense pain spread from Luke's head to every nerve ending in his body. The bright red blood was a shocking sight. Luke's eyes widened, seemingly in disbelief that he would be shot. The coldness that was spreading through his limbs also told him that the fall season in Moscow was a lot colder than A City. Luke did not know which of his enemies would assassinate him in a foreign country. As the owner of a multinational conglomerate, he was not a merciful person and had driven many to bankruptcy. He had experienced his fair share of threats, but those were only child's play. His head was so painful that it felt like it was going to explode. He was beginning to see hallucinations. Sean and Mallory One's panicked screams and angry howls were fading in his ears. The last image he saw was Bianca's fair and beautiful face. … On the top of a hill. Wayne, wearing black shades, was dressed in a black combat suit that accentuated his burly figure. His fierce and terrifying

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