Chapter 632 Her Caring Attitude

When Leia saw Allison, she thought that Allison was there to see her and there was a burst of joy in her heart. She opened the door and welcomed Allison warmly. "Aunt Allison, why are you here?" Allison used to have a good impression of Leia. After all, she was not only sweet but always brought all kinds of luxuries for her every time she went to see her. However, since the video of her seducing Dr. Hoover was leaked out, her fondness for this woman was gone. After such an accident, she felt that Leia was no longer worthy of her son. Allison walked in and smiled nonchalantly when faced with the overly enthusiastic Leia. "Leia, where's your mother? Is she home?" "My mother is suffering from a neck injury and is resting in her room. Is there anything that I can help you with?" Leia told Allison the truth. She knew that Allison had a bad relationship with her mother and the two had not been in contact for many years. Why would Allison want to see her mother n

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