Chapter 629 Especially You, Bianca!

The smell of meat wafted in the ward after Leia opened the takeaway boxes she brought. The smell was flavorful but intense. On a normal day, Queenie would have a good appetite if she smelled such delicious foods, however... Bianca could not help but shake her head. Leia had been so spoiled by Queenie that she did not have the EQ to take care of others. Leia did not notice her mother's expression. She brought one of the takeaway boxes to Queenie and intended to feed her. "Mom, try this. Ten Miles is known for its top chefs. The food I got is all your usual favorites. I’m sure you’ll have a great appetite." Queenie wanted to retch when she smelled the meat. She reached out and pushed the food back to Leia. She did her best to endure the discomfort she was feeling and said, "Leia, I have no appetite. I believe that Bianca hasn't eaten yet. You two can eat together." Leia was a little unhappy at Queenie’s reaction and felt annoyed when she heard that

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