Chapter 624 I’ll Just Tell Queenie the Truth!

T Corporation. The silver and black building located in the prime commercial area of A City was like a shining beacon. The man that stood in front of the window had a perfect face with sculpted features. He was dressed in a black suit, and the top two buttons of his silk shirt were unbuttoned, which gave him a masculine charm. His slender fingers were holding a cigarette, and he was looking down at the busy streets below. It was a sunny day. The wind blew gently, the clouds floated lazily, and the sun was high in the sky. One should have been in a good mood in such fine weather, but Luke was inexplicably troubled. T Corporation was forced to stop work, but Vivi Group was unaffected, and in fact, they seemed to be getting ahead. Anyone could see that someone with political power was applying pressure on T Corporation. Luke did not expect that the person was Mr. Norman, the Provincial Committee Secretary. He wondered if Mr. Norman was taking revenge on him for going b

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