Chapter 622 Queenie Went To Look For Allison

Old Mr. Norman was not in the mood to play chess anymore. "Don't mention that shameful episode. That ruined our reputation! I thought I could actually be reunited with my granddaughter, but it was all a prank! It's all thanks to Jack and Queenie's adoptive daughter. Sigh!" Old Mr. Norman had given up hope on a granddaughter because of his son and daughter-in-law's health. He did not expect that his son would bring him good news, saying that they found their birth daughter that had been lost for more than twenty years. He did not believe it at first. However, information from the private detective agency showed that his granddaughter was still alive somewhere in this world. When that Julie Anderson girl was first brought back to the Norman residence, Old Mr. Norman and his wife were happy and thankful. They were happy that they found a biological heir, and they were thankful that they could be reunited with their granddaughter while they were still alive. It turned out to

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