Chapter 620 You’re Here Too, Mr. Doyle...

Sue was on the hospital bed receiving an intravenous transfusion. She was shaking and struggling to breathe as she looked at the newborn daughter next to her and thought of the perilous episode earlier. She gently caressed the elder twin who was fast asleep. Her lips were pale as she spoke to Bianca, "This is the elder twin. The younger twin isn't as fully developed as the elder because of the induced labor, and the doctors are still trying to save her life…" Sue's heart wrenched when she thought of her younger daughter, as though an invisible thread wrapped around her neck. Tears fell from her eyes again. Bianca hurriedly took out a napkin and wiped Sue's tears. "Your baby will be fine, Sue. You shouldn't cry after you just delivered a baby… It's when your eyes are the weakest. What happens if you ruin your eyes? Don't think that I'm exaggerating. When I was working part-time in a hospital while studying overseas, I've seen such cases with my own eyes. There was a pregnant wom

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