Chapter 618 Get Lost!

Jason drove the bike at maximum speed, running all the red lights along the way. In his single-minded dash to the hospital, many cars swerved abruptly to avoid him and nearly ran into other cars. "D*mn it, do you have a death wish?" "Don't trouble others if you want to die, you idiot!" Jason did not hear the angry curses from the other drivers. The only thing in his mind was Sue's gaze on despair and the puddle of blood between her feet. He could not deny that he once had the idea of extracting the babies' bone marrow for Shane, but he quickly dismissed the thought when he knew from the doctor that such a procedure posed a high risk to the baby. Sue did not know about that. She thought that Jason would rather sacrifice her babies to save the life of his son with his ex-wife. He knew that she hated him and that the babies in her womb were very important to her. If Bailey really did something to the babies, he was afraid that Sue would never recover from it. When he thoug

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