Chapter 616 Shut Up!

Bianca was shocked when she heard Sue's call for help. The paintbrush slipped from her hand and fell on the floor. She was too preoccupied with the call to pick it up. "Where are you now, Sue? What happened? Send me your location!" "I'm at Fra…" Sue was panting as though she was in the middle of running. Before she could finish speaking, an arrogant voice could be heard behind her. "Catch her and bring her to the hospital! If you stop struggling now, Sue Carter, you might be able to keep one of those two b*stards! If you remain stubborn, I won't show any mercy!" Bianca thought that the female voice sounded familiar, but she could not remember who it was. She was about to ask Sue what was going on when she heard Sue roaring furiously at that woman, "My babies are not due yet, Bailey Quarrington! I won't sacrifice the lives of my babies to save your son. Give it up, Bailey. As long as I'm alive, you won't get to lay a finger on my babies!" "Looks like I can't talk any sense i

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