Chapter 614 180-Degree Change In Attitude!

At night. Old Master Crawford was dressed grandly in a bespoke suit, as though he was attending an event. He seemed much more spirited than other days. Bianca thought that the atmosphere at the dining table was different. She noticed that Old Master Crawford would steal glances at her, as though comparing her with someone else. Sometimes he nodded, but sometimes he sighed. Bianca was confused. She looked curiously at Luke, but Luke smiled and said nothing. He scooped some salad for her and said, "You should eat more." Before she could take a bite, Old Master Crawford put a fish fillet on her plate. Bianca looked at Old Master Crawford with surprise. "Thank you, Grandfather…" "Mm," Old Master Crawford replied, "You're too thin, and you should eat more fish. That'll be good for you and your baby. I hope that the baby will be as smart as Lanie and Rainie too." He could guess from his grandson's hint that Bianca might be the long-lost Ms. Norman. That explained the 180-

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