Chapter 602 Bianca Was Confused And Shocked!

Luke's eyes followed the Lamborghini as it drove off. A hint of ferocity flashed across his deep eyes. When he learned that there was a man named Anand outside the office building who brought flowers to confess his feelings to Bianca, he immediately hurried over. He did not expect to be so infuriated with what he saw and decided to look into Anand. "You’re the mother of three yet you’re still so popular. Do you think I should hide you somewhere?" Luke's low voice was attractive but it was clear that there was a hint of complaint in what he said. Bianca explained, "There’s nothing going on between Anand and me. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m not even that close with him. We met a few times because of work and barely interacted. I didn't expect him to do this..." Having said that, Bianca looked at Luke's stern but handsome face again, saying softly, "I don’t know what’s wrong with Anand. I’ve told him that I have a husband..." "Silly, I don’t need an expl

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