Chapter 590 Gentle and Empathic

Even though she was jealous, Julie remained sensible. She would not have gotten this job if not for Bianca. If she were to apply to T Corporation with her own abilities, she would not have been considered, even though she had a bachelor's degree from a ranked university. She knew that the recruitment process of T Corporation could be inhumanly harsh. Candidates needed to have at least a master's degree, which she did not have. She counted her lucky stars. Julie sneaked a few glances at Bianca, who was hard at work. She still could not understand why the idol of many young women around the country would have his eye on the unremarkable Bianca. While Julie's thoughts wandered, several gossips in the office started to discuss her… "Hey, who do you think that Julie Anderson is? Mr. Doyle was the one who brought her to the office…" Female Employee A said. "I don't know, but it looks like her qualifications don't match the company's most basic requirements. Did higher manag

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