Chapter 588 He Will Never Get Tired of Her

Bianca felt that everything was so surreal as she walked out of the city courthouse, clutching the wedding certificate in her hands. They were really married. They were now a legally married couple. Luke turned his head to look at her. It was noon, but the sky was partially cloudy. It was not very hot, but instead cool and windy. Loose strands of hair danced on Bianca's face. He pushed them back behind Bianca's ear. The man's slender fingers were like paintbrushes, gently tracing the outlines of her eyebrows and eyes. Her smile was like a blooming flower that heralded the summer. Luke thought that he would never get tired of looking at her face, no matter how long they would be together. As he thought of that, he abruptly picked up the pregnant Bianca off her feet and twirled her around. He was laughing without restraint. "We're married, Bianca. We're now officially husband and wife." Bianca was red-faced as she hugged his neck. "Put me down. I'm too heavy." Luke

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