Chapter 583 Bianca Was the Swapped Baby Girl!

The document read: When Queenie Ziegler, Jack Norman's wife, was in the small-town clinic, the person who accompanied her there was Allison Tanner, Luke's mother. Luke's hands stiffened when he saw that line. He turned to the next page and continued to read. The account was very detailed for a twenty-something-year-old incident. According to the informer, Queenie had overstressed herself during that crisis. Moreover, her health was not that great, and those factors had caused her to deliver her baby prematurely. The small town was too far away from the city, and she could not get to the hospital in time. That was why she had to go to an unremarkable clinic. The name of the doctor who delivered Queenie's baby was named Vyen Lane. Queenie lost a lot of blood during the delivery, and she was on the brink of death. She did not know that she had given birth to a healthy baby girl. At that time, Allison had performed an illicit transaction with Doctor Lane. She bribed the doc

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