Chapter 571 Dinner Tastes Better Because of You

Bianca was in a great mood because justice was on her side and all charges against her were dropped. She decided to cook dinner for Luke to celebrate. "I'll help you. You shouldn’t do it alone." Luke wanted to help wash the vegetables. However, Bianca ushered him to the study as she said, "Go get some work done. I can manage in the kitchen. Granny Florence will help. Don't get in the way." She knew that Luke had a lot of work backlogged because he had taken a day off to spend time with her. Although she was with child, Bianca was still physically active and capable. Besides, there was a caretaker to help her out, so there was no need for so many people to be in the kitchen. Luke was shoved into the study by Bianca. He shook his head helplessly as if he was abandoned... Bianca changed into comfortable maternity home clothes and started cooking. Granny Florence was right beside her helping out. Luke was not a fan of drinking milk but loved milk jel

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