Chapter 565 Candidly Announcing Bianca’s Status

"You're Shania who was terribly ill last year?" Bianca ventured. The girl nodded happily, and Bianca smiled. "How are you recovering? Are your parents fine?" Bianca remembered that Shania used to be skeletally thin because of her illness. Now, she was spirited and energetic, totally different from what she was before. She should be in good health. "I'm so happy that you remember me, Madam! Thanks to your help, I went for surgery last winter, and my condition has been improving since. Look, I'm very healthy now." Shania twirled around in front of Luke and Bianca. Bianca could not help but laugh at how energetic the little girl looked. She pinched Shania's face and said gently, "Not bad. You look a lot better than before. There's so much color on your face now." "Thank you, Madam." Shania smiled shyly. She became curious when she saw Bianca's bulging stomach. "Are you pregnant, Madam?" "Yes, I'm bearing another life in my womb now." Bianca lovingly caressed her stomach.

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