Chapter 558 Bianca Felt A Lot Better!

The man's voice on the other end of the phone was too attractive. Julie could not contain her happiness. She could feel her ovaries exploding. She thought that Bianca's husband must have been a perverted middle-aged man, but she had guessed wrong. The man's voice sounded even better than a certain prime-time news anchor she was obsessed with. Someone with such an attractive voice could not have been a middle-aged, potbellied tycoon. She tried to sound as calm as possible. "Nice to meet you. My name is Julie Anderson. I became friends with Bianca before the test. It's like this: Someone framed Bianca for cheating, and the invigilators brought her to the office for an investigation. She gave me your phone number to ask you for help, and that's why I gave you a call…" "Understood. I will show you my gratitude later!" After a pause of a few seconds, the phone call was abruptly cut off. "Um…" Julie wanted to continue hearing the man speak but did not expect that he instantly hun

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