Chapter 553 Bianca Was Assailed By Many Thoughts

Wanda did not want Bianca to notice that something was wrong with her. She quickly pinched her nose to stop the blood from flowing while she brought the spatula under the tap to wash away the bloodstains. Her movements were natural and agile, as though she was used to it. She thought that it was fortunate that the blood did not drip into the pan and that her back was facing Bianca at the moment. The scene at the hospital replayed in Wanda's mind. "Mdm. Rayne, your immune system is getting weaker, and you need to be hospitalized for chemotherapy as soon as possible. If you delay it, you'll only be causing more damage to your body, and the chances of you recovering will be lower." "I don't want chemotherapy, Doctor. Are there any less intrusive methods of treatment? I don't mind taking medication too, as long as I can maintain my basic bodily functions," Wanda asked. She knew the side effects of chemotherapy. Other than nausea, vomiting, and lethargy, she would also have to l

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