Chapter 542 Where Was Queenie’s Child?

Therefore, Vyen and Allison conspired to swap Queenie’s healthy and beautiful daughter with a dead baby who had been born to another local girl. After Queenie woke up, she learned that her baby was stillborn and almost went crazy. Her pale face was full of gloom and despair. She held the dead baby in her arms and refused to let go. Her eyes were almost blinded by the excessive crying. She kept complaining that she was useless and had failed to keep her and her husband's child. Vyen was uncomfortable when she saw Queenie's death-like appearance. However, she was consumed by her greed. She prioritized her needs and ignored the guilt she felt for Queenie. She forced herself to persuade Queenie that she was in good health and that she would have a chance to have other children in the future. However, Vyen knew that Queenie had a high probability of being infertile due to this dystocia, and her physical condition would not allow her to carry another child.

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