Chapter 532 Second Brother Might Be Afraid of Luke Crawford, But I’m Not!

The next day, in the presidential suite. The big bed was shaking violently. As the man grunted and the woman moaned, a thick smell of decadence wafted in the air. After a beastly low growl, the room slowly resumed its calm. Leia leaned on Wayne's solid chest and hugged his neck. "Are you happy with my performance today, mmm?" "It's so rare that you take the initiative. What do you want? Just say it." Wayne laid in bed and hugged Leia, though he kept his hands busy. "Naughty you! I've missed you. What else could I want?" Leia suddenly flipped onto his body and performed several bold maneuvers. Wayne laughed. "You seemed so reluctant only a few days ago. Don't tell me that you've changed so fast! Have you begun to enjoy it?" Leia cast a seductive glance at him. "How can you say that about me, Wayne? Haven't you heard the saying, 'If you can't fight it, you might as well lie down and enjoy it.'? Your skills are so amazing. No wonder so many women fall for your charms…" Way

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