Chapter 51 Daddy, Is Rainie And My Mother Still Alive?

“We shouldn’t appear in front of each other ever again. You’ll not only get agitated and harm your health, but it also makes you age faster as well.” Each word hammered into Marie’s face before Bianca decided to walk away. “Don’t leave...” Marie’s expression suddenly changed as she humbled herself. Both her hands reached out to grab Bianca’s arm. She begged, “It’s all my fault. I’m sorry. You can hit me or scold me. You can do anything that’ll make you happy.” Bianca turned around and looked at her. Marie’s hands that were on Bianca’s shoulder slowly shifted to Bianca’s hands. With an innocent expression, Marie said, “Bea, you know that I have always lacked fatherly love since I was born. That’s why I envied you for having a father. Ever since I joined your family, I’ve always been on bad terms with you because I felt that you lived a more blissful life than me. However, I was immature and young back then. Please believe me, I never intended to snatch your boyfriend from you...”

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