Chapter 517 Unceremoniously Selling Out His Mother

Hotel. After Wayne's persistent torturing, Leia barely had one last breath left. When her body was full of bruises and marks, she received a call from the private investigator agency. They gave her an address. Though she was exhausted, Leia drove to the mysterious destination. ... Today's sun was not harsh, and it was Luke's rest day. He stayed in the villa to accompany Bianca and the two children. After lunch, Luke took the two children to the outdoor pool for a swim. The outdoor swimming pool was oval-shaped. Looking down from above, it was like an emerald embed in the mansion garden. The pool water was blue and warm. In the pool, Luke, who was wearing sunglasses and shorts, patiently taught the two adorable kids how to swim. Bianca lay quietly on a recliner, reading a book as she smiled at the interaction between the father and children. Although Bianca held a book in her hand, her eyes would still drift to Luke from time to time. The man was in great shape! Even though

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