Chapter 515 Stole Her Identity And Took Her Man!

Leia's hands were full of shopping bags when she got out of the mall. Although she was exhausted, she was happy because all the shopping had been done with Luke's card today. Even though she could afford it, it was the first time the man she loved had bought anything for her. Leia could not be happier. Luke waited for Leia in the driver's seat. He spoke somewhat impatiently, "Get in the car." Leia felt a little awkward. She had bought so many things that both her hands were full and she could not open the car door. However, seeing that Luke had no intention of helping her at all, she bit the bullet and put down what she was carrying in her right hand. She opened the door by herself, put the things in the car, and sat in the passenger seat. When he took in the strong and pungent fragrance inside the car, Luke resisted the impulse to sneeze. He opened the windows on both sides and even opened the sunroof. "Luke, thank you for shopping with me today. I really enjoyed it," Leia sa

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