Chapter 510 Oh, What A ‘Surprising’ Discovery!

Leia's expression turned cold when she heard that Bianca's leg was saved. However, she felt better when she heard that Bianca’s baby did not survive. Leia was still suspicious and decided to probe further, asking, "Charmaine, are you sure that the b*tch’s baby is gone?" Charmaine took out two cigarettes and lit them for Leia and herself. She casually said, "Of course. The director of the hospital's Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is close to me and wouldn’t lie to me. Besides, she doesn't have the guts to do that. Leia, don't worry. Bianca's baby didn’t survive. A pregnant woman is already weaker than ordinary people. When an ordinary person falls, there’s a high chance that they might miscarry. What's more, she was in such a serious car accident. Even if she managed to save her legs, the baby is most definitely good as gone. Maybe because of this, the inner wall of her uterus will become weak and she won’t be able to give birth to another child in the future! "

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