Chapter 505 You Must Be Bianca’s Mother! The Two of You Look Alike!

Meanwhile, Leia walked off the catwalk with a sullen expression on her face. She was dressed in an exquisite white gown, and she had a tiara on her head. Following behind her was her agent. There had been a lot of news about Leia recently, including how she had thrown tantrums while filming, how she had insulted her fans, how her acting was terrible, and even major scandals while she was in the orphanage. Each piece of news was bursting with details and was equally as shocking. The talent company was in chaos as they tried various solutions to clear Leia's reputation. However, they could not stop the flood of negative news. Before this, they could easily suppress any unfavorable rumors with the mere mention of Jack Norman's name. However, the offending party did not seem to be afraid of the Provincial Committee Secretary this time. They wanted to find out the mastermind's identity, but they could not find anything at all. It was incredibly frustrating. "Leia, do you think

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