Chapter 500 Passionate Kisses Rained On Her

Luke flicked the cigarette elegantly on the ashtray. "Find him and the mastermind, no matter what it takes." His voice was soft and frigid. It sounded melodic but at the same time spine-chilling. "Yes." Jason nodded. He knew that his boss was truly angry this time. … Luke returned to the ward. Old Master Rayne was old and in ill health. Wanda sent him home first. Bianca comforted Nina for a while more until the latter calmed down completely. Then, she asked Jason to send her home. Only Luke and Bianca were left in the ward. Bianca stared at Luke. Even though he was dressed in casual clothes, his demeanor remained noble. His sculpted features became even more mysterious and charming under the light. The man was dazzling, but he had attracted too many women. She could not help but think of the coy and feminine voice while he was at the party. She wanted to ask about that woman, but she opened her mouth and eventually decided to stay silent. She had said that she

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