Chapter 49 A Peculiar Tremble...

A blush crept up Bianca’s face. The lady next to her was not at all restricted with the topics she conversed with Bianca. Instead, she was excitedly chatting about any topic under the sun without the slightest care if there were any men nearby. ‘Spill it to me, I’m very curious!” The lady next to Bianca had a look of anticipation on her face. Bianca was dumbfounded to find that sex-related topics that used to be frowned upon by the society were now being discussed so openly. “He isn’t...” Bianca shook her head. However, Bianca’s ‘he isn’t my husband’ had not been completed when the lady next to her discreetly turned to look behind Bianca with a lustful gaze directed at Luke. Subsequently, the lady turned around to interrupt Bianca. The lady blushed as she said, “We’re both women. We’ve surely done it with our husbands. What is there to be shy about? Can share some details with me? How many sessions do both of you have in a week? I can see with just a look that your man is very sk

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