Chapter 498 Could It Be Bianca Rayne?

Bianca had met Percy several times, but she did not have too many interactions with him. Percy was an excessively beautiful but sinister man. He could inspire fear even when he was smiling. She had heard that Percy was the master of A City's criminal underworld. Naturally, a man like him would be inhumanly cruel. She still could not understand how Nina could have crossed Percy on her way to buy food. Feeling extremely uneasy, she decided to give Luke a call. Her legs were broken, and she could not go there herself. Percy was a good friend of Luke, and Bianca thought that Luke should be able to reason with him. There was no other way than to trouble Luke. Bianca called Luke and told him about the situation. Luke gave his promise that he would ensure that Nina would be safe. Bianca could hear that Luke was in a crowded place. Occasionally, she could hear music. "What are you doing now, Luke? Why is it so noisy over there?" Bianca could not contain her curiosity. Luk

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