Chapter 47 His Bold Possessiveness

Bianca did not think a mere glass of wine could make her this dizzy. She shook her head and glanced underneath the tablecloth on the large round table. The table had eight legs, and there was a particularly thick one right in front of her. Perhaps she had accidentally tripped over that table leg. She had spilled the glass of red wine all over her boss' pants and directly on the most embarrassing part of a man too. It was completely soaked. Bianca figured she deserved ten thousand deaths right about now. Luke always thought that she was purposely seducing him. After this incident, she would never be able to stand with her back straight again. "What are you standing around for? Help Mr. Crawford wipe it off!” Sue handed her a packet of tissues and hastened Bianca urgently. Bianca did not have any time to think. Her first reaction was to pull a tissue and press it against her boss’s crotch… The tissue immediately grew drenched once it touched the red wine, turning a seductively de

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