Chapter 479 Pay The Price for Her Idiotic Behavior!

Leia had worn a white dress because she thought that she looked pure and innocent in white. Someone once told her that she looked like a beautiful flower when she wore white. On the way to the restaurant, Dexter had dirtied Leia's dress. It might not be an obvious stain, but Leia, perfectionist that she was, went to the boutique next door and bought a new set of clothes. After Leia changed her clothes and arrived at Restaurant Nine, Luke was not there yet. In the luxurious restaurant, Leia sat by the windows. She was looking at the city lights with an unwilling expression on her beautiful face. On a normal date, the man would be the one waiting for the woman at the restaurant. However, she went as far as making a booking in advance and waited for Luke. She felt wronged... Leia was dressed in an elegant yellow cocktail dress. Paired with her alluring makeup, she looked classic and dreamy under the restaurant lights. Her expression carried a trace of p

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