Chapter 475 Did Luke Just Agree to Cut Ties with Bianca?

An enchanting scene in a hotel at night. A man wore a mask that covered half of his face. The uncovered half was extraordinarily handsome. Gordan Norton was hugging a woman. Suddenly, he saw a very faint red light from outside the window. Hugging the woman in his arms tight, he swiftly rolled off the bed. A silenced bullet sliced through the air and landed on where the man was lying a second earlier. A hole appeared on the bed! Two men in black balaclavas barged in from the window. Seeing that their assassination attempt had failed, they pointed the guns in their hands at the masked man. Before they could pull the trigger, the masked man had already pulled out a gun and delivered a bullet to each of them. Gordan's gun skills were impeccable. The bullets landed between the eyes of the assassins! Blood flowed from their foreheads. The two assassins had died even before they realized it. Their eyes remained wide open in disbelief that someone could have such a fast rea

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