Chapter 473 She Nearly Passed Out From His Kiss

After Jason sent his boss back to the mansion, he drove the car away. After Luke stepped out of the car, he could hear Bianca's voice from afar. "Let me go! I want to leave!" "Ms. Rayne, Sir said that we can't let you leave the mansion without his orders." That was the caretaker. Luke hastened his footsteps. He saw Bianca, dressed in a thin shirt, standing at the doorway of the living room facing the two caretakers. Luke's heart ached when he saw how stubborn Bianca was. "Bianca!" He called out her name. Bianca turned around and saw that it was Luke. Tears welled in her eyes. She turned around again so that her back was facing him. She knew that it was impossible for the two of them to be together. However, Bianca was moved when she saw him return. She had to remind herself that she could not turn around. Luke's hawk-like gaze fell on her face, then on her defiant back. He sighed imperceptibly. Bianca was flustered even though she did not see his gaze. She cou

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