Chapter 467 You Are My Mrs. Crawford

In the mansion. Luke stood on the spacious balcony. He smoked cigarette after cigarette, and his gaze fell on the blooming cherry blossoms downstairs. The cherry tree was filled with flowers. The petals fell as the wind blew past, and the ground seemed to be covered in a pink carpet. Bianca loved plants, and that was why that mansion had a lush garden. It was Luke's present for her. He wanted to give her a surprise, but unexpectedly… Luke narrowed his eyes as he looked at the falling cherry blossom petals. He stubbed out the cigarette and flicked it into a nearby ashtray. Then, he walked toward the master bedroom. The door opened. In the room were two caretakers that were currently nursing Bianca. They stood up when they saw Luke enter. "Mr. Crawford," they greeted him respectfully. A hint of dearness flashed in Luke's eyes as he looked at Bianca's pale face. "How is the missus?" One of the caretakers replied, "Dr. Sykes had given her an injection an hour ago, and

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