Chapter 462 Her Presence In My Life Completes Me

Mavis could not bear to see her crush for ten years becoming someone else's husband. She tried to calm herself down, though her tightly-clenched fists were slightly shaking. "Are you sure you want to marry an unremarkable employee, Mr. Crawford? You deserve a better woman. I think Ms. Rayne isn't experienced enough, no matter how you look at it…" "Oh? In your opinion, what type of woman should I deserve?" Luke's gaze turned cold. Mavis, who was usually observant, did not notice Luke's displeasure because she was overly emotional. She continued speaking, "Mr. Crawford, I think you should look for a woman who can be capable at work as well as being gentle in her personal life. If you can find an equally capable wife, then she could share your workload. You won't have to tire yourself like that." Luke placed his pen down and looked at Mavis with his profound gaze. "You're wrong, Ms. Laviere. I want a wife who can be my spiritual partner and not my work partner. I feel comfortabl

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