Chapter 45 Luke Crawford Was A Drug

Before they headed off to the lunch meeting, Bianca and Sue made a trip back to the design department. Bianca walked to her workstation and put down the laptop she had brought upstairs earlier. After that, the phone she had left on the table rang once. It was an unknown number. The number began with 138 and ended with 6688. The contents of the message was, “Miss Bea, I’m almost on my summer break. Will you be free ten days from now?” Bianca guessed that the number was Blanche’s. She quickly replied, “I’m really busy with work, and I just got assigned with an important project. I have to earn money so I can eat and live, so I can’t take you out to play. Sorry.” She clearly expressed her reluctance to have too much to do with Luke Crawford’s son. She hated the way Luke misunderstood her. She had never approached his son because she wanted to seduce him. In this society, any man as wealthy and powerful as Luke Crawford was probably used to having his guard up against women with ul

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