Chapter 454 Bianca Felt Sweet And Intoxicated

Bianca stared at Charmaine and did not let herself lose her cool. Her gentle eyes were cold. She took a sip of milk. "I don't know who you are, Miss. I don't know if you're Luke's secret admirer or if you've had some feud with him in the past, but I can tell you this for certain. I'll never leave him unless he asks me to. Who are you to make me leave him?" Charmaine narrowed her eyes as she looked at the calm Bianca, and her smoking hand paused. The girl in front of her was graceful and pretty. She looked nice, but she had a sharp tongue and spoke on point. She could not be underestimated. It made Charmaine feel as powerless as if she was punching cotton. Charmaine blew a smoke ring. She picked up a dessert from the table and unceremoniously stuffed it into her mouth. "Not bad. This caramel pudding is delicious." The woman who appeared out of nowhere made Bianca lose her appetite. She got up gracefully and looked down at Charmaine from a commanding position. "Take your time with

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