Chapter 450 Give This To Bianca!

On the other side of things, Charmaine invited Leia to a party for young male and female socialites. At first, Leia did not bother to go over, but she was determined to get even with Charmaine for giving her the drug that made her lose her virginity to the wrong person! The party was held in a luxurious private room at a nightclub. As soon as Leia entered, she heard the loud music and smelled the alcohol. There was a circular stage with a steel pole in the middle of the room. Charmaine danced like an elegant snake. She twisted her slender waist in perfect sync with the music. Her excessive makeup made her look even more seductive. She made bold dance moves, which aroused the men's desires. Leia’s makeup looked natural compared to Charmaine's. She caught everyone's attention as she walked through the crowd. She looked even more beautiful than she was on the screen. The other women with their heavy makeup and glamorous looks were outshone by her innocen

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