Chapter 448 Luke's Enigmatic Decision!

Luke put the emerald necklace on for Bianca and continued talking, "This necklace has a tracker on it. As long as you wear the necklace, I can find you wherever you are." Bianca touched the exquisite necklace as her mouth opened in shock. The main reason was that she had not expected that a necklace worth a few thousand dollars would include such technology. She had always thought that only valuable necklaces would have such technology. However, Bianca had always trusted Luke and did not think too much about it. After he put the necklace on, she asked, "How does it look?" Bianca, who had been pregnant for not long, was still light as a feather. At that moment, she was as happy as a young love-sick girl who just received a gift from the love of her life. "You look great." Luke looked at her and nodded. Bianca was the apple of his eye. The two spent half an hour strolling in the garden. When Bianca got tired, Luke bridal-carried her the whole

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