Chapter 445 (1) Luke Loves Me, And I Love Him

Leia came into the washroom. Bianca nodded gently at Leia. "Ms. Norman." Then, she walked toward the washbasin. She squeezed some liquid soap onto her hands and noticed Leia's exquisite but cold face in the mirror. Leia might look gentle, and she was laughing, but Bianca felt unnerved. Bianca knew that Leia was not as innocent as she looked. She did not forget Leia's provocation in the shopping mall and how Leia had tormented her during the commercial shoot at T Corporation. She also remembered how she was hurt by the berserk Persian cat at Blue Honors… Even though all the evidence pointed to Leia's assistant, Bianca was not so stupid to believe that. She knew that Leia was the mastermind, but she did not call her out because of Leia's elevated status. If Leia was not going to speak, Bianca was not going to bother either. However, she could see that Leia had something to say to her. "Is there anything, Ms. Norman?" Bianca opened her mouth first. Leia turned on the

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