Chapter 428 Queenie’s Timeline

The meeting ended at half-past three. The employees of the design department returned to their office and continued their work. Bianca opened her work mailbox and noticed an email from Old Mr. Norman. In the email, he wrote about his feedback on Bianca's design. He said that it was not easy to meet a talented architectural designer, and he wanted Bianca to visit him at his house. He even included several embarrassed emojis, as though he were a child. Bianca grinned. She thought that the picky and unreasonable Old Mr. Norman had an adorable side to him. After reviewing her mailbox, she received a notification in her messenger app. Someone wanted to add her as a friend. Bianca tapped on the notification curiously. The account name was "ElegantQueen." She was surprised, but soon she remembered that Mrs. Norman had asked for her contact. She thought that Mrs. Norman asked for her contact in the heat of the moment, but she did not expect that Mrs. Norman would add her as a f

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