Chapter 426 A Bold And Shocking Idea...

'Luke bribed someone?' It was hard for Leia to imagine how the gentle, proud man had bribed someone, but it was pretty shocking news to her. Holding her breath, she continued to eavesdrop on her adoptive father's conversation with his secretary. "Last month, Municipal Party Committee Secretary Mr. Schmidt was detained in connection with a large corruption case. In mitigation of his crime, he gave a clear account of who was involved and the inside story of how he had taken bribes in previous years. Surprisingly, one of the men involved was Luke Crawford... He's the biggest rising star in A City who contributed greatly to A City's economic development... “Mr. Norman, this is evidence of Luke's bribery. Mr. Schmidt was a cautious and defensive man by nature, and he secretly videotaped and preserved evidence of almost everyone who had bribed him. Mr. Norman, what do you suggest we do?" If the bribe was paid by an ordinary company executive or senior official, they could simply follow

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