Chapter 407 Meeting the Normans

At the study. Louis opened the door and looked at his brother Luke, sitting at the desk and carefully perusing some documents. The heater was turned on, and the man was only dressed in a black shirt, which accentuated his mature demeanor. From the door, Louis could see that his brother's legs were crossed. Even he had to admit that his brother was very charming when serious. Louis sighed again. He would also have been attracted to his brother if he were not a straight man. His brother was a workaholic, even working when it was the holiday period. Louis, though, would find sitting in front of a desk even for half an hour unbearable torture. Indeed, his brother Luke was his idol. Luke seemed to have noticed that someone was looking at him. He lifted his head, saw that it was Louis, lowered his head, and continued his work. It was noon, and the sunlight was comfortable. The gentle rays shone through the floor-to-ceiling window and around Luke, enhancing the handsomeness of

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