Chapter 404 Luke and Bianca’s Third Child!

Johann arrived, examined Luke, gave him a prescription, and fed him liquids. After that, Luke's high fever subsided a little. Bianca breathed a sigh of relief. She was busy the entire day. Earlier, they sent their children to the hospital. As they recovered, Luke fell sick. She had to take care of the big one as well as the little ones. When she prepared the liquid medicine for Luke, she took a whiff of the pungent smell of medicine, which instantly caused intense discomfort in her stomach… Bianca hastily ran to the bathroom and dry-heaved into the hand basin, but nothing came out of her mouth. The nausea subsided a while later. Bianca seemed to have realized something. She remembered how Sue had dry-heaved in the washroom at the office, as well as her reactions when she was pregnant with the twins. She abruptly covered her mouth and tried to recall when was the last time her period came. Her period should have been one week ago, but it had never come. Luke had always

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