Chapter 396 The Kiss Was More Like A Punishment

Bianca spoke softly, pressed her cheek against his solid body, and kept apologizing to him, "Luke, I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I just wanted to save Mr. Sonny. I didn't expect such a dangerous thing to happen. I’ll never be so reckless again, please don't be angry." "Who do you think you are? Do you think that you’re a superhero? You can't even protect yourself, and you tried to play the hero without considering the consequences. Are you a fool? Do you know how dangerous the situation was? Did you know how scared I was when you fell?" Luke turned around, his eyes bloodshot. Only heaven knew the horror and agony he felt the moment she fell. At that moment, he would only be able to calm down by killing Giovan! "I didn't expect to be in danger. It was a matter of life and death. In a manner of a few seconds, an innocent life could have been lost. I didn't do it on purpose..." Bianca felt wronged and tried to explain while still in his arms. "I’ll never do such silly things again. My arms

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