Chapter 383 A Double Loss!

Luke frowned when he imagined Bianca appearing on the silver screen for the other men to see and admire. He rejected the idea without giving it a second thought. "There's no need, Mr. Josef. She's not suited for the entertainment industry." However, Josef insisted. "The young lady has great potential. I can guarantee that she'll be famous around the world in just one movie!" Luke believed that Josef had the ability. The director had created more stars in Hollywood than any other director. However, Luke did not want Bianca to enter the chaotic entertainment industry. He expressed his opinion once more, "Mr. Josef, Bianca's interest is in architectural design. She wants to be a famous designer and not a celebrity." "She can be a designer while she works on her acting career. It's just a change in titles. Ms. Rayne can put her acting first and do design on the side. There's no conflict between the two." Seeing that he could not convince Luke, Josef turned his head and asked fo

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