Chapter 378 So Caring and Indulgent

Everything served at lunch was home-cooked, but it had a full spread of meats, an assortment of vegetables, and Old Master Rayne's favorite sake. Luke had found out about Old Master Rayne's favorite sake brand from Bianca. He took a long detour on the way and bought it. After serving the rib stew on the table, Bianca sat down next to Luke. She scooped some stew into her grandfather's plate and said, "Grandpa, I've learned how to cook from recipe books. Try them. I hope that you'll like it." Most of the dishes were Old Master Rayne's favorites, while the others were Luke's favorite dishes. Old Master Rayne patted Luke's shoulders and heaped praise on his granddaughter. "My granddaughter is pretty good, right? Look at all the dishes served on the table. Not only do they look good, but they taste good too. I'm already drooling from the smell alone. You're so lucky to marry my Bianca. She's been a good girl since young, but she is too soft. She won't complain even if someone wron

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