Chapter 370 Unless She Gets Luke to Help!

Xavier stared at Bianca's furious face and suddenly smiled. However, there was not a hint of guilt in his eyes. Instead, he spoke with some bitterness in his tone. "Bianca, I noticed that you've never smiled at me when we're together. It's either you face me with an emotionless face, or you look as though you want to kill me. It's just Nina, right? I didn't do anything to her. Is she worth your time and effort?" Right after he finished speaking, he felt a searing pain on his other cheek. Bianca slapped him out of anger again! Her hands were trembling. She was not going to be satisfied no matter how many times she slapped him! Her eyes were turning bloodshot out of anger. "How dare you say that you didn't do anything to Nina? Do you have a conscience, Xavier Tanner? If you hadn't gotten someone to abduct Nina, would she have been violated and become pregnant? Would she have to be forced to carry out the abortion by the violator? It's all because of you. How could you shake i

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