Chapter 34 Overbearing and Dominant

Although Bianca reacted instantly and turned around, putting her clothes on in a hurry, the man standing at the door still saw everything. “Why are you alone?” Luke’s deep voice was the first to break the silence in the room. Her lie had been called right to her face. Bianca stood on the spot stiffly. “What I meant was that someone would come by later, not that there’s someone with me now…” The man watched her as she panicked, trying to cover up her fib. Luke’s eyes looked around the room silently before he spoke up again. “The police contacted me. How do you feel right now? Is your body alright?” Charlotte was arrested, but she did not dare to approach her father with such a problem, so she gave the cops Luke’s name instead. That was why the police had contacted him. Bianca’s brain exploded. The man’s bright black eyes were looking right into hers. “My body is… fine…” Bianca was embarrassed to have her male superior find out that she had been drugged with an aphrodisiac of al

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